still1 [stil]
[ME < OE stille, akin to Ger still < IE * stelnu- < base * stel-, to place, set up, standing, immobile > STALK1, STALL1, L locus, place, Gr stēlē, a post]
1. without sound; quiet; silent
2. hushed, soft, or low in sound
3. not moving; stationary; at rest; motionless: following stand, sit, lie, etc., sometimes regarded as an adverb
4. characterized by little or no commotion or agitation; tranquil; calm; serene [the still water of the lake]
5. not effervescent or bubbling: said of wine
6. Film designating or of a single posed photograph or a photograph made from a single frame of a filmed sequence or scene, for use as in publicity
1. silence; quiet [in the still of the night]
2. Film a still photograph
1. at or up to the time indicated, whether past, present, or future
2. even; yet: used as an intensifier with a comparative form, etc. [cold yesterday, but still colder today]
3. nevertheless; even then [rich but still unhappy ]; often used as a conjunctive adverb [he failed; still, he never stopped trying ]
4. Archaic ever; constantly
to make still; quiet; specif.,
a) to make silent
b) to make motionless
c) to calm; relieve
to become still
still and all
Informal nevertheless
still2 [stil]
[< obs. still, to distill < L stillare, to drop, drip, trickle < stilla, a drop < * stir(a)la, dim. of stiria, a drop: see STONE]
1. an apparatus used for distilling liquids, esp. alcoholic liquors
vt., vi.
1. to distill
2. Dial. to distill (alcoholic liquor) illegally

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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